ESP32 Arduino Variometer development kit

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Arduino ESP32 Variometer development kit

ESP32 variometer development kit , compatible with Arduino and ESP-IDF. PCB identical to the one in Varduino QT. Can be programmed by USB from the Arduino IDE or any other IDE like Atmel Studio or Visual Studio. The kit comes with a detailed pinout guide.

  • ESP32 WRover-B module with Wifi and BLE. Programming by USB thorugh Arduino or other IDEs, no bootmode change needed.
  • FDTI USB to Full Serial chip
  • Pressure sensor: TE Connectivity MS5611 on I2C
  • 9 axes Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): TDK Invensense ICM-20948 on I2C
  • Class D 2W Audio amplifier on DAC
  • LiPo battery charger
  • JST-2PH LiPo battery connector
  • Pre-programmed power management microcontroller. UPDI programming pins available if needed (not Arduino compatible)
  • 1x push button
  • Integrated E-paper display driver

Connectors and I/O:

  • General reset button
  • UPDI pins
  • 3.3V, GND
  • Speaker pins
  • JST-2PH battery connector + 2x battery through-hole pins
  • 24pin 0.5mm FFC connector for e-ink display

Not included:

  • Battery
  • E-paper display