How to customize the sound of your variometer

Install Varduino Manager and go to variometer settings. Plug in your variometer and turn it on.

The graph displays the sound frequency (in red) and the beeping pitch (in blue) as a function of the vertical speed (horizontal axis). When hovering your mouse over the graph area, you will hear in real-time the variometer sound from your computer. Sounds parameters are displayed below the graph for a the current pointer position.

To customize the variometer sound profile, just drag the different points around.

By moving the 3 center points of the red curve in the horizontal direction, the following thresholds are updated (left to right):

  • the sink threshold
  • the climbing threshold
  • le seuil de montée rapide à laquelle le profil s’adapte.

By moving any point in the vertical direction, the frequency and pitch are adapted in the corresponding range.

Below is an example of custom profile:

  • Between -3.3 and 0.3m/s, there is no beeping
  • Below -3.3m/s, a continuous sound is played, getting deeper as the descent rate increases.
  • Above 0.3m/s, the variometer beeps. Frequency and beeping pitch will increase fast until 7.3m/s. Above 7.3, the increase slows down.

One the sound profile is customized to your liking, just click "send to device" and reboot your variometer. One can also save and import settings to/from files.

The new profile is loaded after reboot.