How to connect your variometer to an iPhone or iOS device

Varduino variometers are compatible via Low-Energy Bluetooth with Flyskyhy on iOS devices. Follow the steps below to pair your variometer. 

Install Varduino Manager and follow the steps below to pair your variometer.

Variometer configuration from Varduino Manager

In Varduino Manager, go to "Instrument settings". In the bluetooth section:

  • Choose iOS as target device
  • Choose LK8EX1 as data format
  • Turn on your variometer and plug it in. Click "send to device". Reboot your device.


Flyskyhy configuration on iPhone

  • In FlySkyHy, go to settings -> Vario and choose the model as shown in the picture. Select the device that appears in the list. Your variometer must be on.
  • Back to the app main page, the bluetooth icon now appears in green.
configuration Flyskyhy variomètre