Varduino GPS


Altimeter, Variometer with GPS and great outdoor visibiilty 2.9'' e-paper display
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E-Paper Display

Thanks to its 2.9'' e-paper display offering amazing outdoor visibiilty comparing to classical LCD displays, the Varduino GPS shows:

  • System informations (battery, GPS coverage, Bluetooth status, IGC recording status, time, flight duration)
  • GPS speed
  • Vertical speed
  • Altitude
  • Glide Ratio
  • Distance to Take-Off/Waypoint
  • Compass, direction to Take-Off/Waypoint
  • Current Waypoint/Total number of waypoint
écran du variomètre varduino

Ultra-sensitive altimeter-variometer

The Varduino GPS combines an ultra-sensitive pressure sensor (10cm resolution, 50 measurements/second) and an advanced signal filtering algorithm to provide the user with an unprecedented reactivity.

A 1W speaker with class-D amplifier is built-in for more natural vario sounds and voice notifications.

Cross-Country Flying

Varduinos are equipped with a GPS chip (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS) and a 8Go micro SD card, which offer:

  • IGC flight recordings. A FAI signature can be obtained by using LogFly to downlad the file from the variometer. The number of logs is almost unlimited using a SD cad.
  • Loading Oziexplorer waypoint files for XC navigation or paraglidiing competitions. The current setting for WP radius is currently 200m.

Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB

The Varduino GPS can be connected to Android and iOS smartphones and tablets through Bluetooth thanks to its Bluetooth 4.2 low-energy chip

The most popular applications are compatible, such as:

  • XCtrack
  • XCSoar
  • Flyskyhy

GPS and pressure data are transmitted via Bluetooth. Many data formats are available and can be configured using Varduino Manager.

The Varduino GPS shows up as a mass storage device on both Windows 10 and MacOS. IGC tracklogs can therefore be easily dowloaded from the SD card and waypoint files can be easily copied to the SD card


The Varduino GPS features a 2500mAh LiPo battery with a flight autonomy of about 30h at maximum volume. The battery can be charged from USB and the charge status is updated on the display even when the device is off.


The Varduino GPS is filly compatible with Varduino Manager. Its sound profile as well as all settings can be easily configured from your computer.

Additional Information

Weight 123 g
Dimensions 102 × 72 × 19 mm


Software featuresVarduino GPS
Ultra-sensitive variometer
Sound notificationsVoice, buzzer
Flight tracklogIGC tracklog
Tracklog intervalMax 1point/second
Max recording> 10 years flight time at 1 point/second
Cross country navigationOziexplorer waypoint routing
Flight start detection
Communication with iOS appsFlyskyHy
Communication with Android appsXCSoar, XCTrack, FlyMe
Bluetooth communcation
USB communication-
Display data fieldsBattery state
Bluetooth status
Flight time
GPS speed
Glide ratio
Distance to next WP/distance to take-off
Direction to next WP/direction to take-off
Current waypoint ID
Total waypoints count

Volume settings4 levels
Vertical speed smoothing configuration
GPS speed smoothing configuration
Direct configuration form Varduino Manager
Sound profile configuration from Varduino Manager
Custom rescue alarm
UnitsMetric, imperial
LanguageEnglish, French
Technical features Varduino GPS
Pressure sensor50 recordings/seconds
MicroSD card8Go
Wireless communicationBluetooth 5
Autonomy> 30 hours
Display typee-ink
Display size2.9''
Resolution296x128 px
Display refresh rate2 seconds
Case type3D printing - PETG
Size (L x W x T) 102 x 72 x 19mm