Some news of the Varduinos


A firmware update is available for the Varduino GPS, version 0.34. This firmware requires to update Varduino Manager to version 0.6. This update brings the following changes:

  • Automatic shut down: The variometer automatically turns off when no activity has been recorded for 15 minutes. The timeout can be set in Varduino Manager, ainsi que la possibilité de le désactiver.
  • The frequency at which barometric data are sent via Bluetooth can now be increased to up to 10Hz. This is handy when your smartphone requires frequent updates of the vertical speed, such as for the thermal assistant in XCSoar. This parameter can also be set in Varduino Manager.
  • Glide ratio now shows 0 if the horizontal speed is less than 5km/h, in order to avoid exotic values at low speeds.
  • Display layout reorganization
  • Improvement of voice notifications

Variometers available soon

It's been a couple weeks that Varduino variometers are out of stock. I have indeed been working on a new enclosure with a better display protection, which will make it much more shock-proof. I decided to wait to be able to provide this new design to all new users before reopening the shop. I am planning to allow new orders within 2 weeks!

The problem was the same for the QT and QT+ that were delayed as well. Moreover, as they don't have a GPS chip, I took the time to add an RTC module so that they could keep track of time. That wasn't the case in the first hardware version.


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