New XC planner tool and firmware updates

New tool for cross country planning

A new tool for the creation of waypoints files is now available in Varduino Manager, in which it is possible to directly plan your flight on a Google map. It is now possible to: 

  • Place/Move/Delete waypoints on a map
  • Load aispace files in the openair format and use them to plan your route
  • Set waypoints radius (default: 400m)
  • Export the route to Oziexplorer waypoint files

The manual is available here

Firmware and Varduino Manager updates

Varduino GPS must be updated in version 0.37. Varduino Manager must be updated in version 0.8.

Please read regarding firmware version 0.36: This version works fine but doesn't allow Varduino Manager to retrieve IGC file whilst they are present on the SD card. Version 0.37 fix the issue, together with Varduino Manager v0.8.

Please read regarding Varduino Manager v0.7 on MacOS: This version and possibly former ones can't update the Varduino GPS. Version 0.8 should fix the issue.

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